An established gaming community, guild, and esports team based in the Philippines.

Our Story

A 'hardcore casual' multi-game guild founded on the principles of 'fun first' gaming.

Established in 2005, we have since grown to become a top-tier gaming community in the Philippines. We are mostly made up of Filipinos based locally and abroad, with a few 'pinoy-at-heart' foreign members thrown into the mix.


The FIST was founded by an easy-going bunch of geeks who like to play games and have fun. We believe in having a balanced mix of casual and hardcore gamers, and while we are always open to new members, we value quality above quanitity.

Our continued emphasis on member standards, mutual respect, and a fun-centric philosopy has created a very chilled, friendly, and drama-free environment within the guild. This matters to us more than being 'the largest' or even, 'the best'.



    The community division of the FIST. Consists of guild-based chapters revolving around different games.

  • TEAM

    The esports division of the FIST. Consists of teams for competitive gaming.


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