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Hey guys here is my first look and walkthrough of the game TRANSISTOR!
Transistor is a unique action RPG game with beautiful graphics and beautiful soundtrack!


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You’ve probably read all the buzz about Watch Dogs but in case you haven’t, here’s the short version: there’s a lot of hate for it. This weekend I decided to try it out and see if that hate is well-deserved or not.

First of all, I’m among those who suffered random crashes to desktop on the PC version. I noticed that it was eating up a lot of memory, which would in turn crash when it couldn’t take any more. So scratch trying the game out on PC.

Next stop: Xbox 360. No stability or performance issues there. The game was playable and stable. I did find one major bug though. One of the side missions refused to acknowledge completion so I ended up creating my own workaround for it. Specifically, a gang hideout mission ends by either killing all the bad guys or moving away from the mission area. I did the former but got no completion notice. After reloading and retrying, the same thing was happening. I decided to try the latter. I knocked...
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If you're part of our League of Legends chapter, you've probably seen them around. Some of you may have played a game or two with them and wondered who these new guys with the FIST LGN and FIST CBC tags were. Today, we're proud to finally announce our Esports division, and officially welcome two awesome tournament teams into the FIST family.


We are pleased to announce the launch of Team FIST, the esports arm of The FIST! Where FIST focuses on a strong, fun-centric community and general gaming, Team FIST aims to bring a competitive edge, focusing on League of Legends, and eventually branching out to other viable esports. This is entirely new ground for us, and while we take baby steps, we hope that this humble start will allow us to explore and kickstart exciting new possibilities. We thank you for your future support!



It is...
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The tables are set and the tavern music is playing—Hearthstone is live for the Americas region!


The Hearthstone beta is complete and we wanted to take a moment to thank all of our participants for their incredibly valuable feedback and support. If you haven’t had the chance to jump into the game, now is the perfect time to check out the fast-paced strategy card game that’s fun for everyone. If you’re new to Hearthstone, getting started is simple: Just visit and click on the “Play Free Now” button. Once your download is finished, fire it up and click on the Hearthstone icon. Install Hearthstone, then hit the “Play” button and you’ll be on your way.

As soon as you jump in you’ll challenge iconic Warcraft characters, including the ferocious Hogger, the mischievous Millhouse Manastorm, and the wise Lorewalker Cho. As you progress...
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Hi guys!:lalala:

I would just like to share my new and first rig in my life! "Black Dynamite".


I thought of building a rig so i could start streaming League of Legends games and host online tournaments in the future. So I consulted Psalm AKA @Drifter to help me look for parts that suits my needs.


After we've decided on a budget and list of parts we went off to Gilmore and ended up with these lovely babies!
At Psalm and Ange's Pad, where Black Dynamite was born

Since I don't know how to build computers (I previously used only gaming laptops) Psalm helped me do it step by step.

First: The Case!
I really wanted a white case because i want my rig to look like a refrigerator and i will put a "GE" emblem in front but there...